What is Onside Sports?

Onside Sports is the first competitive and social score app. It is a social sports picking game based on real Vegas odds. It is also the best scores and odds app built for hardcore sports fans. Its fun and free to play.

How does it work?

Come to Onside Sports to check live scores, standings and schedules. To get even more, start following games to get real-time updates on scores, odds, injuries and much more. But to get the most - build your community and compete. Start following people and experts to see their picks and chat about their opinions on upcoming games. And finally, start making picks.

How do I make a Pick?

There are two ways. If you are in the feed tap on the “Make Pick” button. If you are checking scores, simply tap on the score area and you will see a “Pick” button. Then choose your pick and select the number of Stars you wish to risk.

What are Stars?

Stars are our unit of “currency” or “confidence level” for a pick. Sometimes referred to as “units” you can risk 1-5 Stars (5 being high confidence) on any pick. We’ll track your results and rank you against the community.

Do Stars cost money?

No, Stars are free but pick wisely because we track your performance against the community.

How many Stars do I have?

Currently Stars are unlimited. We may change this over time.

Can I change a Pick once I make it?

No, all confirmed picks are final.

What is that number by my face?

Its your Pickscore; your percentile rank in the picking community since you registered. 99 is the highest percentile, 50-99 is positive, under 50 you are losing... Check the leaderboard to see how you rank!

I don’t understand a lot of the terms in the app - is there help?

Yes, open the left hand navigation bar and select “Help” then tap the screen that you have a question about and answers will come.

Is Onside Sports legal?

Yes, Onside Sports is legal. We are a free to play virtual game. Our strict policy that no real money is to change hands as a result of winning or losing picks.

Does Onside Sports let me compete versus friends?

Coming soon!

What are Premium Features?

We are focused on providing the best app possible for free. We plan on rolling out paid features based on consumer demand. We’ll let you know as soon as they roll out. Feel free to provide feedback on what you would like to see as well via the feedback tab on the left hand nav bar!

What stats do you track related to my pick performance?

We track the following stats which are available in your profile section and on the leaderboard:

Net Stars:

Total number of stars won adjusted for odds ( Stars are equivalent to Units.)


Net Stars / Total number of stars risked.

Win %:

Number of Won Picks / Total number of graded picks.

Weighted Win %:

Its your Winning % adjusted for amount risked and actual odds... Total Number of stars won in pick wins / (Total number of stars won in wins + Total number of stars lost in losses.)

Total Stars Risked:

Total number of stars risked across all picks since you registered.

At Risk Stars:

Current Number of stars at risk in pending (unscored) picks.

Total Picks:

Total number of picks since you registered.

Total Wins:

Total number of won picks since you registered.


Total number of picks lost since you registered.

Still have questions?

Email us at support@onsidesportsapp.com

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